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Magic - Miray



Singer–songwriter Mirayholic’s unique style cannot be placed into one simple genre. It seamlessly combines elements of old school Motown, R&B, soul, and pop with jazz influence creating a “Modern-Nostalgic” vibe with the use of genuine instruments and relatable lyrics.

Born and raised in Japan and migrating to Canada, her multicultural experience have played a major role in her creative process. Being a mixed race and part of a musical family, her ability to see the world through different angles had been key in shaping her musical journey.

An “OLD SOUL” Who is 

Ahead of Her Time...


Music and Lyrics: Mirayholic
Producer: Gorden Campbell (LA)
Mixing + Mastering Engineer:

Bob “Bassy” Brockman (NYC)


:: Musicians ::

Keys: Myron Mckinley

Percussion: Gorden Campbell
Violin/Viola: Drew Durecka
Guitar: Samir Moulay

Bass: Willliam Taylor + Bob “Bassy” Brockman 

Recorded in Los Angeles, California

Cover Illustration: Amber Vittoria

Music, Credits & Lyrics

Music and Lyrics: Mirayholic
Producer: Marc Rogers (Toronto)
Mixing + Mastering Engineer:

Bob Brockman (NYC)


:: Musicians (Toronto) ::
Bass: Marc Rogers 
Percussion: Davide Direnzo
Violin/Viola: Drew Durecka
Vibraphone: Michael Davidson* 
Guitar: James Bryan

Recorded in Toronto, ON Canada

*Canterbury Studio

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